Life coach Siobhan Kearney, who specialises in supporting companies with employee wellbeing, is hosting a free online workshop on Tuesday 23 March to address the significant rise in individuals who are concerned about returning to the workplace after lockdown. 

Available for all business sectors, the workshop will offer practical advice and steps for employers who want to provide a safe working environment for employees and also for employees who need space to think through how they feel about returning to the workplace and how they can prepare for it.  

Siobhan, who owns and runs At One Wellbeing and has more than 10 years’ experience in the area of mental health and wellbeing, has worked with businesses across the board who recognise the importance staff wellbeing has on productivity. Throughout her career, particularly since the pandemic, she has offered practical support to help companies develop bespoke approaches to the wellbeing of their staff.  

She said, “Lockdown has caused many of us to feel overworked, stressed, and worn out, but returning to the workplace also presents its own challenges. Preparing to return to work can cause fear for personal safety while commuting to work using public transport, the anxiety of seeing colleagues again face to face after a prolonged separation or if they have lost family members during the pandemic, and the fact that having been in lockdown for such a long time, they may have suffered from mental ill health themselves.”

Having a well thought out strategy that is structured and planned in advance, Siobhan believes will give employers confidence and make employees feel that their mental wellbeing is being valued by their employer.

She added, “A first point that could be considered by employers even before staff return to a working environment, is to find out how they feel about returning to working in the office or on site. A health and wellbeing survey could be completed with employees to gauge the main issues from lockdown and results may be used to inform any future wellbeing programme. This is only the tip of the iceberg and during the workshop we will tease out other ideas and help formulate a checklist of activity to give everyone confidence going forward.”

Topics that will be covered in the workshop include:

  • The importance of communication 
  • Physical changes to the office environment
  • New protocols and procedures 
  • Finding a balance between safety and anxiety
  • How to foster optimism

The workshop will take place on zoom on Tuesday 23 March at 12.30-1.15pm. To register for this free event please email Minimum 10 participants.