The LMC Encourages the Public to Sample Farm Quality Assured Beef and Lamb During Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend

The LMC Encourages the Public to Sample Farm Quality Assured Beef and Lamb During Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend

The Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland (LMC), a sponsor of Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend 2024, is encouraging the public to take the opportunity to try Farm Quality Assured Beef and Lamb when they are visiting farms during the weekend.  

Scheduled to take place from Friday 14-Sunday 16 June, the Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend invites schools and the public to explore local farms and gain insight into the agricultural industry. 

The LMC in its role as sponsor, will have signature kitchens and demonstrators cooking easy to follow recipes using the best quality lamb and beef on a selection of farms on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June. There will also be a virtual cookery demonstration showing the ‘farm to fork’ message on Friday 14 June consisting of an LMC cookery demonstration, with a fun and interactive recipe which pupils can make at home. 

Through its sponsorship, LMC aims to elevate the profile of Farm Quality Assured beef and lamb, emphasising their superior quality and sustainability. The commission’s involvement in the Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend underscores its commitment to promoting transparency and consumer education within the agricultural sector.

Colin Smith, Chief Executive of the Livestock and Meat Commission, pictured on participating farm, Beatties Glenpark Farm near Omagh, emphasised the significance of this collaboration, stating, “As a champion of the local agri-food industry, LMC is delighted to support the Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend. This event offers a unique opportunity for consumers to connect with farmers and learn about the journey of their food, from farm to fork. By highlighting Farm Quality Assured beef and lamb, we aim to raise awareness of the exceptional standards maintained by Northern Ireland’s farming community.”

Nineteen farms will open their gates to the public this year in a bid to help the public, particularly those from a non-farming background, better understand how our food is produced and to raise awareness of the importance of the local supply chain. 

William Irvine, deputy president of the Ulster Farmers’ Union who organise the initiative said “Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend was established to showcase our farming industry and the wonderful work our farmers do. The LMC has supported the initiative for many years and as well as the financial support this year, the organisation has very kindly provided Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured beef and lamb cookery demonstrations on selected farms and we are looking forward to enjoying this again in June.”

Ireland’s Premier Ecommerce Event Returned to Belfast

Ireland’s Premier Ecommerce Event Returned to Belfast

Ireland’s premier ecommerce event, eComm Live returned on Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 May, 2024, at Assembly Buildings, Belfast. 

Recognised as the largest gathering of ecommerce professionals on the island of Ireland, eComm Live offered attendees two days of engaging keynote sessions, panel discussions, training, and networking opportunities designed to empower businesses and individuals to thrive in the digital marketplace.

Kevin Traynor, founder of eComm Live, expressed his excitement about this year’s event, stating, “We’re thrilled to unveil the full lineup of speakers for eComm Live 2024. With ecommerce and retail leaders sharing their insights and expertise, attendees can expect a wealth of inspiration and practical advice to propel their online retail endeavours forward.”

Speakers at the event on May 2 at Assembly Buildings in Belfast include Jamie Laing, co-founder of Candy Kittens, Daniel Green, head of digital marketing at global fitness apparel giant Gymshark, Aimee Connolly, founder & CEO of Irish cosmetics powerhouse Sculpted by Aimee, and Carrie Rose, founder of digital PR agency, Rise at Seven.

Sealed with a Twist -New Premium Drinks Brand, Clearer Twist Launches in Belfast

Sealed with a Twist -New Premium Drinks Brand, Clearer Twist Launches in Belfast

Clearer Twist, the premium mixer with a twist, chose Belfast to launch three new products from its latest range, and set an ambitious target of bottling 10 million units of the drinks this year. 

The three mixers – Clearer Twist Premium Tonic, Clearer Twist French Pink and Clearer Twist Ginger Ale, came straight from the production line after almost two years in the making and well-known faces from the world of sport, media and hospitality were among the first to try the hotly anticipated drinks. 

Developed by the same company that introduced Clearer Water, a social impact company that champions a diverse and inclusive workforce, Clearer Twist is ready to hit hotels, bars and restaurants across Northern Ireland, Cyprus and Turkey this summer, allowing customers the chance to experience the unique flavours first-hand. 

Crafted with high Alkaline water boasting a pH of 9.4, Clearer Twist stands out in the market by offering reduced sugar and calories without compromising on the pure, refreshing, and delightful taste it delivers, just “Twist Pour Enjoy”.

Founder, global CEO/co-chairman, Ross Lazaroo-Hood and founder, co-chairman Sitki Gelmen, spearheaded the creation of Clearer Twist. Drawing from their deep knowledge of the beverage industry, they recognised the need for the ultimate mixer and invested heavily in product development and marketing to bring their vision to life.

Inspired by their respective cultures, they designed Clearer Twist in Northern Ireland and springs from Turkey, resulting in a mixer that can be enjoyed on its own or combined with premium spirits to create a naturally sweet alcoholic beverage.

Ross Lazaroo-Hood, speaking on behalf of Clearer Twist, expressed his excitement about the company’s future: “We know the premium mixer industry is a busy market, but our significant investment in product development and marketing represents our unwavering commitment to revolutionise the drinking experience for consumers in Ireland, GB and now into Europe. 

“Clearer Twist is poised to set new standards with its exquisite taste, reduced sugar content, and dedication to uncompromising quality. We are proud to introduce a mixer that surpasses expectations and delivers pure enjoyment. As we at Clearer Twist say, “Twist Pour Enjoy” .”

Clearer Twist offers a range of flavours, including:

Clearer Twist Premium Tonic: Elevate your drinking experience with the great taste of our premium tonic. Expertly balanced and naturally sweet, it is the perfect companion for top-shelf gins. Whether used as a mixer or enjoyed over crushed ice, our Premium Tonic will invigorate and delight your taste buds. It is a classic for a reason.

Clearer Twist French Pink: Transport yourself to the sun-soaked Côte d’Azur with Clearer Twist French Pink. Indulge in the sweet essence of raspberry infused with a hint of rose, creating a vibrant and refreshing profile. With fewer calories and less sugar, Clearer Twist French Pink offers a guilt-free alternative to pink gin or vodka cocktails, providing all the great taste you desire.

Clearer Twist Ginger Ale: Embark on a flavour journey of fiery and sweet sensations with Clearer Twist Ginger Ale. Effervescent and bursting with incredible taste, our Ginger Ale strikes the perfect balance between zest and sweetness. Crafted with high alkaline water, it retains the perfect balance between zest and sweetness. The beloved flavour that makes Ginger Ale so popular today from its creation in Belfast back in 1851 is found perfectly here in Clearer Twist. 

IRP Commerce brings E-commerce Profits Front and Centre

IRP Commerce brings E-commerce Profits Front and Centre

IRP V9 launches new technology to fill a critical accounting gap in e-commerce

Pulse PR was delighted to support Belfast-based e-commerce platform provider IRP Commerce when it launched the latest version of its successful Commerce Cloud technology.

“IRP Version 9 is designed for a time where e-commerce success simply means merchant profits”, says Dan Loughlin, Chief Executive Officer for IRP Commerce. 

IRP continues its investment in the Northern Ireland e-commerce economy. With over £2 billion in sales for local companies to 170 countries, IRP is a home-grown success story. IRP continues to believe that Northern Ireland can become an e-commerce powerhouse.

Some of Ireland’s well-known brands run their online businesses on IRP technology.  Household names such as Argento, Newbridge Silverware, Belleek, DV8, Evolve, Best Menswear, Magee 1866 and Old Mill Saddlery.

Speaking at the product launch event in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter, where IRP are based, Dan Loughlin, commented, “IRP technology has filled a critical accounting gap in e-commerce. This innovation means that net profits are predictable in real time. eGross Profit becomes a new real time number that signals profitable trading. 

Pictured is IRP Commerce chief executive officer and founder Daniel Loughlin.

Epilepsy Charity Teams up with Belfast Comedian

Epilepsy Charity Teams up with Belfast Comedian

A free counselling service that has the potential to support the 20,000 people currently living with epilepsy Northern Ireland is now available for them, their families and carers. 

The Talk and Support service is run by Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland, and with the help of its specialist counsellors, the charity believes it can be the first point of contact for local people as they embark on their epilepsy journey, especially as waiting lists in Northern Ireland are the worst in the whole of the UK. 

The counselling support programme is free and confidential and can be accessed online and by telephone, through self-referral on the website or by calling 028 9018 4015. 

People can seek support that suits them and their needs, with professional counsellors offering faster access to one off session or blocks of more intensive counselling support groups.

The roll out of the programme not only comes at a time when it can take between four to five years for an urgent referral in neurology, it also dovetails into the objectives laid out in the Northern Ireland Executive’s 10 Year Mental Health Strategy, launched last year. This strategy seeks to create a vision for Northern Ireland society by promoting emotional wellbeing and positive mental health for everyone, by supporting recovery, and reducing stigma and mental health inequalities.

Carla Smyth, manager for Epilepsy Action in Northern Ireland said, “Northern Ireland’s waiting lists are dire. Waiting up to 5 years for an urgent referral to see a neurologist is not acceptable for local people diagnosed with epilepsy and their families. At Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland, we are delighted to offer this free counselling service as it offers hope to people who can’t get instant help from their GP and who maybe can’t afford to pay for a private appointment.

“Being diagnosed with epilepsy can be frightening, and people often don’t know where to go to seek help. Our aim is that our qualified and specialist counsellors will be the first point of contact for people and give them advice, support and reassurance that they are not alone and support them longer term as they learn to live with an epilepsy diagnosis.” 

Feedback from participants that have engaged the 8-week programme reported that the sessions helped them “explore their emotions and gain a greater level of acceptance by realising that they can still live a full life albeit in a different way”.

Belfast comedian Paddy Raff, who’s sister Sarah, now in her early-30s has both epilepsy and other additional needs including cerebral palsy, is supporting the roll out of Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland’s free counselling support service.

He says, “As someone with a sibling with epilepsy, I am supporting Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland’s counselling service as it is something me and my family could really have benefited from when Sarah first had an acquired brain injury. 

“Back in the nineties there was no internet, so finding out information or people in similar situations wasn’t always easy. I know there are more online resources now, but they lack a personal touch. Putting a face or voice to conversations and being able to speak to a real person and not just looking stuff up is so beneficial and having facts that can be backed up with science is very important to ensure you are getting the right advice. 

“Although as a family we are able to manage Sarah’s needs, epilepsy is an ever-present threat, and my mum, who is Sarah’s primary carer, needs to keep on top of it. A counselling service such as this is great to help us understand more about epilepsy and to talk through what we were experiencing and what help was available.”

To find out more about the free programme please log onto @epilespyaction on Twitter @Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland on Facebook or call the Epilepsy Action Helpline on freephone 0808 800 5050.

Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland is supported by the Department of Health’s Mental Health Fund.