Clearer Twist, the premium mixer with a twist, chose Belfast to launch three new products from its latest range, and set an ambitious target of bottling 10 million units of the drinks this year. 

The three mixers – Clearer Twist Premium Tonic, Clearer Twist French Pink and Clearer Twist Ginger Ale, came straight from the production line after almost two years in the making and well-known faces from the world of sport, media and hospitality were among the first to try the hotly anticipated drinks. 

Developed by the same company that introduced Clearer Water, a social impact company that champions a diverse and inclusive workforce, Clearer Twist is ready to hit hotels, bars and restaurants across Northern Ireland, Cyprus and Turkey this summer, allowing customers the chance to experience the unique flavours first-hand. 

Crafted with high Alkaline water boasting a pH of 9.4, Clearer Twist stands out in the market by offering reduced sugar and calories without compromising on the pure, refreshing, and delightful taste it delivers, just “Twist Pour Enjoy”.

Founder, global CEO/co-chairman, Ross Lazaroo-Hood and founder, co-chairman Sitki Gelmen, spearheaded the creation of Clearer Twist. Drawing from their deep knowledge of the beverage industry, they recognised the need for the ultimate mixer and invested heavily in product development and marketing to bring their vision to life.

Inspired by their respective cultures, they designed Clearer Twist in Northern Ireland and springs from Turkey, resulting in a mixer that can be enjoyed on its own or combined with premium spirits to create a naturally sweet alcoholic beverage.

Ross Lazaroo-Hood, speaking on behalf of Clearer Twist, expressed his excitement about the company’s future: “We know the premium mixer industry is a busy market, but our significant investment in product development and marketing represents our unwavering commitment to revolutionise the drinking experience for consumers in Ireland, GB and now into Europe. 

“Clearer Twist is poised to set new standards with its exquisite taste, reduced sugar content, and dedication to uncompromising quality. We are proud to introduce a mixer that surpasses expectations and delivers pure enjoyment. As we at Clearer Twist say, “Twist Pour Enjoy” .”

Clearer Twist offers a range of flavours, including:

Clearer Twist Premium Tonic: Elevate your drinking experience with the great taste of our premium tonic. Expertly balanced and naturally sweet, it is the perfect companion for top-shelf gins. Whether used as a mixer or enjoyed over crushed ice, our Premium Tonic will invigorate and delight your taste buds. It is a classic for a reason.

Clearer Twist French Pink: Transport yourself to the sun-soaked Côte d’Azur with Clearer Twist French Pink. Indulge in the sweet essence of raspberry infused with a hint of rose, creating a vibrant and refreshing profile. With fewer calories and less sugar, Clearer Twist French Pink offers a guilt-free alternative to pink gin or vodka cocktails, providing all the great taste you desire.

Clearer Twist Ginger Ale: Embark on a flavour journey of fiery and sweet sensations with Clearer Twist Ginger Ale. Effervescent and bursting with incredible taste, our Ginger Ale strikes the perfect balance between zest and sweetness. Crafted with high alkaline water, it retains the perfect balance between zest and sweetness. The beloved flavour that makes Ginger Ale so popular today from its creation in Belfast back in 1851 is found perfectly here in Clearer Twist.