Pulse PR client Triex EV Limited, a market leading company for providing electric vehicle charging solutions, has installed the first ‘pay-as-you-charge’ electric vehicle charging point in residential apartments – and with it a quick and easy solution to help with the inadequate charging infrastructure currently available in Northern Ireland.  

Located at the luxury Adnahona apartments in Coleraine, is the first time this particular charger has been installed commercially in Ireland and its innovative technology and ease of use is proving to be a hit for residents and the public in the area who need a quick top-up of charge for their electric vehicle. 

This installation comes hot in the heels of the Electric Vehicle Association Northern Ireland (EVANI), who is the driver’s representative body, reporting to Stormont’s Infrastructure Committee that the number of broken chargers across Northern Ireland are making people less inclined to convert to electric cars, thus prompting almost 60% of drivers to consider returning to petrol or diesel vehicles because of the poor state of the countries charging infrastructure. 

The key customer benefits of Triex EV’s chosen charger is there is no need to download an app, users simply arrive at the charger, plug in their charging lead, chose the amount of time or value they would like to charge for, tap the front of the unit with their bank card, mobile phone or alternatively using chip and pin in order to pay. The funds are taken immediately from the customers bank account and are deposited into the bank account of the property management company in charge of paying for the landlords metered supply. The system is fully monitored using a remote back-office system, with any changes or updates being applied remotely.   

This simply yet effective process is something Triex EV’s managing director, Mark McGillion says will have mass appeal. He says “These electric vehicle chargers make life easier for everyone. Previously landlords that provided electric chargers would add the electricity cost into the overall management fee, which was absorbed by all tenants whether they used the chargers or not. This was not an attractive proposition and led to many complaints. Our chargers are extremely convenient as residents and visitors simply pay straight away and only for the charge they use.” 

The benefits have also caught the attention of Invest NI who signed Triex EV Limited as its first ever EV company, as well as other business sectors who also see the value in this forward-thinking technology.  

Mr McGillion added, “Since installing this unit we have had a spike in enquiries from business owners, property developers and retail parks who also see the value of this type of charger. The main selling point is that they bill each user separately through a key fob or card using a RFI code, as well as a pay-as-you-charge function for visitors using their debit or credit card. Individual tariffs can be set at the request of the site owner, and in any currency. This is the most convenient way to provide EV charging. We have installed this type of charger in England and Scotland and it’s great to see it here in Northern Ireland. We know we have a long way to go to be on par with other countries when it comes to electric vehicle infrastructure, but we believe it is a positive step in the right direction.” 

Northern Ireland currently has around 4,700 electric vehicles, which falls short of the 15,000 it should have at this point to meet government targets. 

Mark McCall from EVANI said, “We welcome all public and private investment around electric vehicle charging in Northern Ireland. Our members love their EVs and building out the infrastructure to support their growing numbers is vital as we transition to sustainable transport.” 

Photo Caption: Pictured are Triex EV managing director Mark McGillion with electric vehicle user John Wilkinson