Fashion retailer DV8, which has more than 40 stores across Ireland, including a flagship store in Belfast city centre has signed a deal with Export Technologies to move its online operation to Export’s e-commerce platform, the IRP. The deal will see DV8 invest £1.5 million over the next 2 years on warehousing and technology as well as hiring several new staff. 

The IRP has transacted more than £1 billion online for UK and Irish retailers and since moving to the platform, DV8 is already reaping the benefits. The company is seeing a 50 per cent uplift in online sales compared to the same period last year. Top selling countries for the retailer include Australia and the States.

DV8 offers a portfolio of the world’s best fashion retail brands for customers aged 18-40 years, and is successful with ‘Bedroom Brands’ inspired by reality TV stars and also wardrobe staples from Superdry, Calvin Klein and Vans.

Neville McDowell from DV8 said, “We made the move the IRP to create a more streamlined link between our bricks and mortar stores and online offering. We also have a massive international opportunity and the IRP platform is helping us reach global markets. In addition, the IRP analytics offers an intelligent approach to selling that uses artificial intelligence to monitor ‘lost’ sales, thus giving us the chance to reduce this gap so we can significantly increase our sales.”

James Cave from Export Technologies said, “DV8 is an excellent example of a multichannel retailer that has the ability to target an international audience. Although fashion is a notoriously competitive sector, we have the in-house knowledge to support the DV8 team, and coupled with the world-class capabilities of the IRP platform, we know we can make the partnership work long-term.”